10 Ranking Factors You Should Use in Your Apartment Search

Do you love our luxury apartments? Before you apply, make sure our community meets all the criteria that are most important to you in your Little Rock apartment search.

Your search for an apartment in Little Rock has landed you here, which means you are doing the right thing and weighing all your options. But it is time to start whittling down your list of potential apartment communities, pick one, and apply.

Do you know how? We have a little exercise that can help you out.

To get started, you need to identify which features and options are the most important to you when you imagine your future apartment home.

We came up with a list of 10 common factors that matter to most apartment hunters. They are in alphabetical order here, but you need to re-number them yourself to build your own list of priorities.

Consider each one carefully and rank them from 1-10, with #1 being the item most important in your renting decision and #10 being the least important.

#1: Amenities

Every apartment community in Little Rock offers its own set of amenities, so which ones are important to you? Do you have to find a place that has a gym, laundry facility, pet park, playground, etc.? Or, could you live without them?

If amenities are a big priority, do not forget to ask about any fees for using them. The Pointe Brodie Creek does not require residents to pay amenity fees, but some communities do.

Next, think about the amenities you want to see inside your apartment. Do you need to have a security system, granite counters, ceiling fans, etc.? These amenities may or may not be offered at the communities on your list, but they are here!

#2: Bedrooms & Bathrooms

This ranking factor is straightforward: How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want? And, are you okay with having more or less than what you are looking for?

For example, say you want to find a two-bedroom apartment in Little Rock. Do you also want a second bathroom, or will one bathroom suffice? Every apartment option available at The Pointe Brodie Creek has a bathroom for every bedroom, but not all communities offer that.

Look through our floor plans to see if the bedroom and bathroom layouts match your needs.

#3: Community Style

Is a high-rise building in Downtown Little Rock right up your alley, or does a garden-style community in West Little Rock sound more appealing? Does it need to be gated? Would you like to live in a luxury apartment community, or is “luxury” over your price point?

Yes, the next ranking factor you need to prioritize in your apartment search is the style of the community. You may not have considered yet how community style determines whether you will have access to the types of luxury amenities you like.

Some people love high-rise buildings for the elevators, but others prefer to have a garden-style community that offers tons of green space. Luxury apartment communities offer amenities far beyond the basics, while the average apartment complex may just have a pool and a gym.

To give you some perspective, The Pointe Brodie Creek is a gated, garden-style, luxury apartment community comprised of 22 different three-story apartment buildings. You can find apartments with peaceful pool views and picturesque woodland views. You can even choose an apartment that’s closer to the Dog Park, Putting Green, Pool, or Clubhouse, if you like.

In other words, you have options here you do not have elsewhere!

#4: Energy Efficiency

Here’s a pro tip: When you are looking at rent prices, do not forget to factor in the cost of utilities. Older apartments that run off gas are going to have energy bills higher than that of energy-efficient apartments like ours that run off electricity. Is that a factor in your renting decision?

Something special we also offer here at The Pointe Brodie Creek is a utility package. The cost of your cable, internet, water, sewer, trash, pest control, and alarm system are covered for just $70-$90 per month. All you pay separately is electricity, which should be a smaller bill thanks to our ENERGY STAR-certified appliances, EcoSmart lighting, and insulated windows.

If the apartment community you choose requires you pay for cable, Internet, and all your utilities separately, it adds up quickly! With that added cost considered, some of the apartment communities on your list may not fit in your budget anymore.

#5: Location

Location, location, location. We are willing to bet the location of work, schools, grocery stores and restaurants in relation to your apartment home is important to you. But, how important?

Most people new to Little Rock need help determining where the best neighborhoods are and what their commute could look like. That is, unless you work from home!

We are partial to our location in West Little Rock, of course, because it has all the necessities very close nearby. You can also be at top Little Rock destinations like UAMS and the Little Rock Zoo in 15 minutes, Downtown Little Rock in 20 minutes, or at the Outlets of Little Rock in less than 10 minutes.

#6: Parking Options

Do you like the freedom of choosing your own parking space, or do you need to have the security of an assigned parking space? If parking does not matter to you, you can place it lower on your list of priorities. But, if you need options, be looking out for them!

At The Pointe Brodie Creek, everyone is guaranteed a parking space in our open parking lots. Or, you can pay a little extra for an assigned covered parking space or unattched garage.

#7: Pet Policy

If you have a pet, finding a pet-friendly apartment community should be at the very top of your priority list. You cannot live without your best friend, right?!

Before you apply for an apartment in Little Rock, you need to make sure the pet you have (or want to have) is accepted under that community’s pet policy.

Birds, cats, dogs, fish, gerbils, guinea pigs, and hamsters are all permitted here at The Pointe Brodie Creek. We even have a Dog Park with an agility course!

#8: Price

Before you started apartment hunting, we hope you set a budget. Price point is usually near the top—if not at the very top—of most people’s list of ranking factors. You have to be able to afford the apartment you are applying for, or your application will never get approved.

However, if you have some wiggle room in your budget, you can place price towards the bottom of your list and focus on factors you find more important. (Just do not forget to consider your utility costs, like we discussed under ranking factor #4.)

If you would like to get some pricing for our luxury apartments here in Little Rock, visit our online leasing portal for current rental rates.

#9: Reviews

A recent Apartments.com survey found that 98% of people look at apartment reviews, with 96% of them saying they influence their decision and 79% saying they highly influence their decision.

Reviews are so important to apartment searchers that there’s even a website devoted entirely to apartment ratings and reviews (see ApartmentRatings.com).

Are bad reviews of an apartment community going to make or break your decision? It is up to you to decide.

If you care about reviews, you should see why our residents say we have the best apartments in Little Rock.

#10: Square Footage

Last, but not certainly least, you need to consider square footage as an important ranking factor in your apartment search.

We say that because we get asked all the time about how people’s furniture could potentially fit in our floor plans. You may be surprised by how large and accommodating our luxury apartments are – it is part of what makes them so luxurious.

As an example, our one-bedroom apartments are 900 square feet. The kitchen has tons of cabinet space, plus a built-in wine rack in the island. You can fit a king-sized bed in the bedroom, with a dresser, nightstands, the works. The bathroom even has a separate shower and soaking tub, with a separate vanity space next to the sink.

If you love interior design and have lots of décor for your home, you should look for apartments with square footage that can accommodate you. Or, you should prepare to sell or store your stuff before you move.

You made it through the list! Now, you can more easily determine what your “deal breakers” are when looking for an apartment in Little Rock.

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