15 People You Need to Tell When You’re Moving

Learn who to notify when you move to The Pointe Brodie Creek.

Application approved? Check. Lease signed? Check. Move-in day selected? Check. So…what’s next? That’s why we’re here – to tell you who to notify when you move to The Pointe Brodie Creek.

Yes, you also may want to start packing and hire a moving company first. But you can’t forget to cross your t’s and dot your i’s, too. Let’s make sure you don’t miss a paycheck or a birthday card, alright?

#1: Post Office

First things first, head to the US Post Office website and change your address. They need to be notified so that mail sent to your soon-to-be-old address can be forwarded to your soon-to-be-new apartment at The Pointe Brodie Creek.

Their mail forwarding service doesn’t last forever, though. So, there are 14 other entities sending you stuff that need to know about your move, too.

#2: Your Employer

You don’t want to miss receiving a pay stub or your W-2, do you? We didn’t think so!

Talk to someone in HR at your office to make sure they’re notified of your new address before you move in. If you changed jobs in the last year, notify your previous employer as well.

#3: Entergy

At the Pointe Brodie Creek, all utilities except electricity are included in your utility package. So, we require all new residents to set up an account with Entergy Arkansas and establish service before your move-in date.

So, whether you’re starting a new account or moving your Entergy account to your new address, notify them online to make sure they set up your service.

#4: Cell Phone Provider

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile…whoever your cell phone provider is, they needed to be notified when you move. Your account information is tied to your address, so it’s pretty important!

#5: Bank

You know how your bank sends you a new card when your current one expires? If they don’t have your new address, you will miss it.

Most banks make it easy to go online or use their app to update your address. Just don’t forget to do it.

#6: Health Care Providers

Your primary care physician, dentist, specialists, and any other health care providers need to be notified when you move.

If you miss an appointment reminder card or an important bill, that would not be good!

#7: Health Insurance

Your health insurance provider is legally required to send you policy updates and new insurance cards via mail. So, you can’t blame them if you miss something because you failed to mention that you moved.

Log into your account online and it should be easy to change your account address.

#8: Car Insurance

Same as with your health insurance provider, your car insurance provider needs to know when you’re moving, too.

While they are not legally required to send you policy updates and new cards via the mail, you still need to have your correct mailing address on file with them.

#9: IRS

Tax season is ending next week, so don’t forget to update the IRS with your new address if you’re expecting a return from last year.

All you have to do is fill out a Form 8822 on their website. If you have any other questions, click here for more information.

#10: Social Security

If you receive Social Security benefits, you need to notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) when you move. It’s as simple as completing a form and hitting “Submit.”

#11: Voter Registration

Are you moving from a different county or state? Your voter registration needs to move with you. This will determine where you vote on election days and what you vote for.

For example, you can change your address here in Pulaski County online.

#12: TSA

Do you travel a lot? If you have TSA pre-check, don’t forget to notify them of your new address.

We would hate to see you waiting in those awful lines at airport security again.

#13: Subscription Services

FabFitFun, Birchbox, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Stitchfix, and BarkBox are some of the most popular subscription services in the country.

You don’t want to miss your next box, right? Update your address with all your subscriptions before you move in.

#14: Newspapers and Magazines

Most newspapers and magazines have a digital version of their publications these days, but we totally get it if you still love receiving a physical copy of every issue.

Since everything is online, it should be easy to update your address on their websites.

#15: Family and Friends

Finally, the most important people in your life need to be notified when you move, too. Your family and friends may offer to help you with the move or surprise you with a housewarming gift. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Once they find out about our weekly happy hour, too, they will love coming to visit. Thirsty Thursday happens every Thursday from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, so extend them an invite!

If you want any other tips on who to notify when you move, contact our staff or give us a call at (501) 221-3377.

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