20 Things You Need to Try in Our Community in 2020

Try playing a game of bocce ball at The Pointe Brodie Creek.

When most people picture living at The Pointe Brodie Creek, swimming in our resort-style pool or watching a movie in our 82-seat theater probably come to mind first. But, there’s so much more to see and do (beyond the obvious favorites) using our awesome amenities.

Take the opportunity this new year and new decade present by trying something new here! It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, explore our community with new eyes, and take yourself on some exciting adventures.

#1: Try a New Fitness Class

Most people tend to find a fitness routine they like and stick to it. But we think this time of year is the perfect time to try something new.

Have you ever tried our Virtual Fitness Studio? There, we have hundreds of on-demand fitness classes you can check out whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, kickboxing, cycling… all kinds of workouts are there and waiting for you.

#2: Work Outside Your Apartment

If you work or study a lot at your apartment, it’s easy to get a little distracted. Try a change of scenery!

Check out our new Study Lounge and set up your own workstation for the day. You can even grab a free cup of coffee or tea from our Cyber Lounge on your way there.

#3: Sip a Decadent Drink

Speaking of coffee and tea, how do you take yours? Our guess is that you tend to keep it simple just so you can get a boost of caffeine to start your day.

Why don’t you try mixing it up a little? Our Starbucks machine does more than coffee! Treat yourself with a cup of hot cocoa topped with chocolate syrup and cinnamon. Delicious!

#4: Gear Up for Game Night

While most people know we have a Poker Lounge, they don’t know that you can use it to play more than just poker. If you’re one of those people, it’s time to think outside the box.

Try reserving the room for a fun game night with your friends. You could play all kinds of card games, board games…anything you like!

#5: Take a Trip to the Tanning Bed

When pool season ends, don’t let your summer glow fade away. We can offer you year-round sun in our two ProSun tanning beds!

Give tanning a try with a nice, 12-minute session whenever you like. Just tell a member of our concierge staff you would like tan and they will set a room up for you.

#6: Rent a Wine Locker

Are you trying to get into wine this year? We can help! Try renting a wine locker in our Wine Cellar to store all kinds of wine varietals.

Then, reserve the Wine Cellar for a night, invite some friends over, and hold your own private wine tasting! You’ll all be swishing, sniffing, and sipping like experienced sommeliers in no time.

#7: Digitize Your Documents

It’s 2020. Everything is done digitally today, and we all need to get used to it. That’s why we are so proud to offer our Print With Me system.

You can print, copy, scan, and fax in our Cyber Lounge anytime you like. Why don’t you use this year to scan documents and send them to yourself for safekeeping? You can get rid of your file cabinets and document boxes just in time to do some spring cleaning!

#8: Organize a Movie Marathon

Our 82-seat Movie Theater is spectacular. You can reserve it when you like, watch what you want, and get free popcorn from our concierge staff. But most people make one reservation, watch a movie, and call it a day. It’s time to think bigger!

How about you start by scheduling your own movie marathon? Just make back-to-back reservations in the theater for a day and invite your friends over to watch your favorite movie series.

#9: Stop By During Happy Hour

Never been to happy hour? It’s time to give it a try!

Thirsty Thursday happens every Thursday here at The Pointe Brodie Creek from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. It’s the perfect opportunity to try something new and meet new people.

If you do not drink alcohol, we also offer water and sodas. Either way, you can wash it all down with a fun game of your choosing.

During the cooler months, you can play pool or shuffleboard in the Sports Lounge. During the warmer months, it’s all about poolside bucket pong and baggo.

#10: Play a Board Game

Not a pool shark or shuffleboard champ? No sweat. Our Sports Lounge also has board games! Everyone loves board games, right?

Challenge someone to a game of Checkers and you may make yourself a new friend in 2020.

#11: Watch a Beautiful Sunset

Our serene, wooded community is the perfect place to watch the sunset. While most people can get a great view from their patio or balcony, there is one spot you need to try if you haven’t yet.

One secluded spot our residents tend to forget about is the beautiful creekside deck located by Building 8. Make a point to go sit on a deck chair and watch the sun set sometime in 2020!

#12: Have a Picnic

That creekside deck is not the only secluded spot you can find across our beautiful apartment community. Did you know there are two pretty picnic tables next to Building 21?

If the tables in the Green Space are taken next time you want to have a picnic, check out this spot for a peaceful outdoor meal.

#13: Roast S’mores

The best way to stay warm and relax any evening here at The Pointe Brodie Creek is by cozying up to one of our three fire pits. But, in 2020, it’s time to take those fireside nights to the next level. Make it more interesting!

Take some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers with you to try roasting some s’mores this year! Trust us, it’s one amazing nighttime treat.

#14: Give Golf a Go

If you’ve never picked up a putter, 2020 is the year you should give golf a go. Our Putting Green is a great place to practice, with five different holes you can use in learning how to strategize your shots.

#15: Become a Bocce Pro

Right next to the Putting Green, we also have a Bocce Ball Court. This classic outdoor game originating in Italy could become your new favorite hobby in 2020 if you just give it a try!

Here is how the game works and what rules you need to follow. Whenever you’re ready to check it out, just ask to borrow a set of bocce balls from the concierge on duty.

#16: Play Catch

Is baseball, football, or soccer more your speed? Try playing a game in the wide-open range of our Green Space!

You can use this area to kick a soccer ball, throw a football, or toss a baseball. Whenever you’re ready for a break, use the grills nearby to cook up a nice meal.

#17: Relax in a Cabana

When it’s hot outside, we know all you want to do is jump in the pool. But if getting out of the heat is your goal, why not try relaxing under a fan in one of our poolside cabanas instead?

Our pool has total of six cabanas and each one is available first-come, first-serve. Set aside some time this summer to enjoy this extra-special amenity!

#18: Gear Up for Gaming

Calling all gamers! Did you know you can use our Movie Theater for more than just watching movies? Newsflash: Our theater screen has an HDMI port. You know what that means! Bring in your video game console and you can have one epic day of gaming on the big screen.

You can even invite some friends over, play as teams, and have a full-on gaming tournament. It would be awesome!

#19: Host a Party

Don’t you want to show off where you live? Next time you know someone is having a birthday, anniversary, or other occasion to celebrate, offer to host a party for them here!

Our Banquet Room is perfect for all kinds of parties. You can rent the room by the hour or even for a full day. Just make a reservation through your resident portal!

#20: Pet Some Puppies

Nothing makes your heart happy quite like petting a puppy, right? Prepare yourself! Since we are a pet-friendly community, you will see all kinds of adorable dogs living here!

We have a feeling if you ask nicely, pet parents here would happily allow you to pet their pups. If you need a puppy fix, just go for a walk or stop by the Bark Park to say hello to your neighbors and their furry friends.

Alright – it’s time to get out there and give these recommendations a try! Just don’t forget to share the experience on social media using #BrodieCreekLiving.

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