6 Surprising Amenities That Shock People Most When They Visit Our Community

high-end apartment amenities in Little Rock

As you prepare to visit our apartment community for the first time, you are in for a lot of surprises. The photos you see online simply cannot do it justice. From our 78-seat movie theater to our late-night concierge services, we have some unbeatable, high-end apartment amenities that shock and awe everyone that tours or visits. Don’t believe the hype? Get ready to be wowed! Here is a list of the top six amenities that surprise people most here at The Pointe Brodie Creek.

#1: Movie Theater

When you step off the elevator onto the third floor of our clubhouse, you will immediately feel like you just entered a real movie theater. Outside the theater, we even have movie poster light boxes displaying new features.

As you come around the corner into the theater, you will be enveloped in red velvet before being greeted by a massive movie screen and 78 theater seats.

A bonus you may not expect, by visiting our movie theater here instead of one nearby, you can bring any small snacks or drinks you like. Plus, we will make you complimentary popcorn!

Residents love that they can supply their own movie, or select one from our digital library of over 3,000 titles. Across every genre, from the classics to the newest releases, there is an amazing movie you can watch on the big screen. You are also welcome to stream whatever you want to watch from your own device. Amazing, right?

#2: Fitness On Demand

The next high-end apartment amenity people love most is our 24-hour fitness program. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can exercise according to your schedule in our fitness center featuring Precor fitness equipment, free weights, exercise balls, and more.

If group exercise is more your speed, you can check out the on-demand workout classes in the virtual fitness studio on the second floor of our clubhouse. While not open 24-hours a day, you can access the virtual fitness studio until 10:00 pm every night.

Whenever you want to work out, you can select from a range of classes and the virtual instruction will begin as soon as you press “Start.” All the equipment you would need for classes like cycling, yoga, Zumba, kickboxing, and more are there and ready for you!

#3: Resident Events

Resident events are a major part of life in our luxury apartment community. We encourage our residents to become more than just neighbors and build friendships while they live here.

For this reason, we have happy hour on-site every Thursday from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Every single week, you can relax and enjoy complimentary drinks (and the occasional snacks or special cocktail) while poolside in the summer or playing games in the winter.

Plus, once a month, we add special events into the mix. Whether it’s a holiday party, trivia night, wine tasting, sports tailgate, or another exciting event, there will always be something special on your calendar as a resident at The Pointe Brodie Creek. Where else can you find an apartment community that does that?

#4: Utility Package

At your average apartment community, you can expect to pay each of your utilities separately. When you add it all up, you have hundreds of extra dollars in utility bills to budget for on top of your rent. But, not here!

We love to surprise prospective residents with the fact that we offer bundled utility packages at a reduced cost. By living in a one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartment here, you will only pay $60, $80, or $90 a month, respectively, for your Internet, cable, water, sewer, trash, recycling, pest control, and alarm system. No joke!

What’s more, your utility package will be added to your monthly rent costs, so you pay everything all at once every month. You will never have to worry about paying your bill on time or keeping up with multiple bills because the payment pulls from your bank account via auto-draft.

The only thing you would pay separately is your electricity through Entergy. That’s it!

#5: Concierge Services

At #5 on this list, our late-night concierge services are perhaps the most surprising high-end apartment amenities we provide. Like a hotel, when our front office closes in the evenings, our clubhouse stays open. Until 10:00 pm every night, a concierge is on duty to assist you with whatever you may need.

Want to pick up a package? Drop off your dry cleaning? Turn off the music in the Library? Change a TV channel in the Sports Lounge? Just ask the concierge for help!

#6: Added Security

Our gated apartment community should be the first sign that we care about your safety. We even have courtesy officers on staff in case you need something late at night when nobody else is around.

Once you reach your apartment, the security features do not stop there. Each apartment is equipped with high-end apartment amenities like a monitored alarm system and a panic button for your security.

You can arm your apartment while at home or away knowing your alarm system is monitored 24-hours a day. When a window or door is opened, the alarm will sound. If the system is not disarmed, policy will be dispatched immediately.

If you are ever under distress or experience an emergency, you can press the panic button in your bedroom. Help will be on the way as soon as possible!
See what we mean by surprising amenities? At the Pointe Brodie Creek, we aim to take the apartment living experience to the next level by subverting all your expectations. Life here is like an unending vacation, and our amenities are one of the biggest reasons why it feels that way.

Are you ready to see these high-end apartment amenities in person? We would love to show you around! Contact us to schedule a tour by calling (501) 221-3377 today.

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