7 Beautiful Features You Will Love in our Bathrooms

Photo of a bathroom in a luxury apartment at The Pointe Brodie Creek. Our bathrooms have some beautiful features!

If you thought our kitchens were beautiful, just wait until you see our bathrooms!

Our modern, luxurious bathrooms are meant for resting and relaxing. We want you to feel like you have an at-home spa right here in your home.

From the rainfall showerheads to the built-in vanities, our fantastic features will outshine any other apartment you may find in Little Rock. Prepare yourself to be wowed…

#1: Walk-In Glass Showers

No need to purchase shower curtains when you live here! Every bathroom has a walk-in glass shower finished in beautiful ceramic tile and stainless-steel fixtures.

There’s even a built-in nook to hold your soaps, shampoos, and more.

#2: Rainfall Showerheads

There’s nothing like a relaxing shower under a stream of rain-simulating water. It’s peaceful, powerful, and oh-so-amazing.

If you are not a fan of the rainfall showerhead, our glass walk-in showers have a regular showerhead as well! You can even turn both showerheads on at the same time for a super steamy shower.

#3: Soaking Tubs

One bathroom in each of our floor plans will feature an extra-special addition: a garden-style soaking tub.

Our soaking tubs are situated separately from your shower, so you can have a dedicated space for your bubble baths. Perfect when you need a little “me” time!

#4: Low-Flow, Dual Flush Toilets

Did you know our apartments are both luxurious and energy-efficient? An excellent bathroom feature that exemplifies this statement is our low-flow, dual flush toilets.

Each flush uses about half the water a traditional toilet would, and you can conserve even more water by selecting the shorter flush from the dual flush options.

#5: Built-In Vanities

Another beautiful feature you will find in one of the bathrooms in every floor plan is a built-in vanity.

Separate from the sink, each built-in vanity also has a built-in drawer for storing makeup, hairbrushes, hair dryers, and more.

We recommend you place a comfortable, stylish stool under the vanity to create your own space for getting ready in the morning!

PS: Our Kingston and Bentley floor plans feature a separate master suite with an ensuite bathroom. These bathrooms feature separate Jack and Jill sinks, one of which will have the built-in vanity.

#6: Granite Counter Tops

What are those built-in vanities made of? You guessed it…the same granite you can find in our stunning eat-in kitchens.

These granite counter tops are beautiful to behold, easy to clean, and fun to decorate around.

#7: Custom Cabinetry

The custom cabinetry you loved in our condo-style kitchens makes its way to our luxurious bathrooms, too!

You will love the dark-stained wood doors and stainless-steel handles. The large, deep cabinets are perfect for storing towels, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and more!

If these seven sensational features are not exactly what you’re looking for in a luxury apartment, what is?

Come experience all the amazing amenities here at The Pointe Brodie Creek today! You can schedule a tour here on our website or contact our staff if you have any questions by calling 501.221.3377.

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