7 Amenities That Invite You to Enjoy the Outdoors

One of the outdoor amenities at The Pointe Brodie Creek includes a resort-style pool with poolside cabanas.

You may know all about the 82-Seat Movie Theater, 24-Fitness Center, or Cyber Café (Hello, free Starbucks coffee!) located inside our three-story clubhouse. But, how well do you know our outdoor amenities?

Surrounded by acres and acres of lush landscaping, our outdoor amenities invite you to enjoy even more fun and exciting activities beyond your apartment walls.

Fancy a dip in our resort-style pool? Or, a puppy play date in our pet park? There’s so much to love about life at The Pointe Brodie Creek!

#1: The Pool

Most Little Rock apartment communities may have a pool, but none are quite like ours. The pool itself is 83,000 gallons of glorious water with a beachfront-style entry and a row of underwater seating. It’s like a private pool at a five-star resort!

In addition to a continuous perimeter of lounge chairs and picnic tables, our pool area has six shaded cabanas and two gas fire pits. During the spring and summer months, we also host our weekly happy hour events at the pool bar.

#2: The Pet Park

Yes, The Pointe Brodie Creek is very pet-friendly! That’s why we have an outdoor pet park right next to Building 9.

For those of you that count your pups as family members, you will love taking them outside to play in our pet park. We have an agility course there surrounded by plenty of room to run!

#3: The Playground

The next in our list of fun outdoor amenities needs no introduction. All you should know is that we have a playground next to our pet park and it features one awesome jungle gym.

See you there?

#4: The Green Space

Right in the middle of our expansive estate, you can find one space for all kinds of enjoyment. We call it “The Green Space” because it includes a large lawn that’s open for all kinds of activities!

You can throw a football with a friend, kick a soccer ball to a buddy, or lay out a blanket and have yourself a picnic.

Next to the lawn area, we also have three grills, three picnic tables, and a large gas fire pit. So, you can easily enjoy this outdoor amenity any morning, afternoon, or night!

#5: The Putting Green

If you keep going further into our community, you will come across another clearing where you can find more outdoor amenities. The first one is a putting green!

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro golfer, you need to practice your putt. Here, you have five different holes to work with. How many can you sink on the first try?

#6: The Bocce Ball Court

Right next to the putting green, you will see another one of our awesome outdoor amenities. It’s a bocce ball court!

Bocce ball is a popular pastime in Europe. So, if you’re feeling European one day, just ask a member of our concierge staff to lend you a bocce ball set and give the game a try.

#7: The Picnic Area

For those of you that enjoy a quiet, secluded outdoor experience, may we point your attention towards Building 21?

If you look closely, behind a grouping of trees you can see a picnic area with two picnic tables. Once Spring arrives and brings with it a bunch of new blooms, you will have one pretty view from your seat while you eat.

Bonus: The Hammock Garden

Surprise! We originally promised you seven outdoor amenities, but we have another one on the way we just couldn’t wait to tell you about.

Next to Building 8, we already have an outdoor deck overlooking the babbling Brodie Creek waters. But we’ve decided to expand that lounge area by adding a hammock garden there this Spring.

Stay tuned for more details on when this outdoor amenity will become available for you to enjoy!

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