7 Tips for Working from Home Like a Total Boss

Are you working from home during this pandemic? We have amenities you can use to live and work like a boss. Here are some tips!

Have you been working from home the last five months? Whether you’re loving it or hating it, it’s probably starting to wear on you. Keeping your spirits high and your productivity consistent in the middle of a pandemic requires the right tools, support, and motivation.

Enter The Pointe Brodie Creek! Living in our luxury apartment community has its definite perks and we want you to know all the resources we have available here for you.

When you need a nice change of scenery, a new place to work, or a peaceful space to take a break, we have the amenities that can make it happen. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of them and feel like a boss doing it!

#1: Upgrade Your Wi-Fi

Thanks to our convenient utility package, wireless internet from AT&T is already included in your apartment! Automatically, you do not have to worry about having the internet access you need to work from home successfully.

But, if you ever decide you want faster download speeds, it is easy and affordable to upgrade! Just contact our AT&T representative and ask about your options.

#2: Check Out the Study Lounge

Sick of staring at the same walls while working from home in your apartment? Set up your workstation in our Study Lounge for the day!

We have several mini-cubicle desks, small conference rooms, and comfortable chairs and sofas that are completely first come, first serve. Just remember to wear your mask and stay socially distant from other remote workers in the space.

#3: Change Up Your Zoom Calls

Is your schedule packed with zoom calls? Take them in our Conference Room and feel a little like you’re back in the office!

As a resident, you can reserve this space for free online if your make your appointment 24 hours in advance and follow social distancing protocols.

PS: If you need a new background photo, check out these options we posted on Facebook.

#4: Take a Break

It’s easy to get stuck at home when all you’re doing is working from home. Don’t forget to get out of your apartment and breathe some fresh air!

You can go for a walk around the community, appreciate the view from your patio or balcony, or enjoy our outdoor amenities whenever you need to take a break.

#5: Use the PrintWithMe Station

While most businesses have adjusted well to doing everything virtually, we know that you may still need to send an occasional fax, print a quick report, scan an urgent item, or copy an important document.

Don’t forget that we have a PrintWithMe station in our Cyber Café! You can copy, scan, fax, and print there very easily and even send your documents in digitally.

#6: Get Your Caffeine Fix

Speaking of our Cyber Café, perhaps its most prominent amenity is our Starbucks machine. Before COVID-19 hit, it was open and available for self-service complimentary beverages. Now, of course, such operations are not permitted by the state health department.

But we know you still need that caffeine fix to get you through the workday. So, if you stop by the clubhouse between 5:00 and 9:00 pm nightly, a member of our concierge staff would be happy to prepare a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa for you.

It’s perfect if you’re on a tight deadline or need a pick-me-up later in the day!

#7: Stay Focused on Fitness

There’s no doubt that working from home while living through a pandemic is an immeasurably stressful situation. Your mental health is important, so you need to remember to take care of your body.

Regular exercise is a great day to keep you focused and feeling great. Whether you decide to start a new fitness routine or keep doing your regular workouts, you don’t have to leave our apartment community to get it done.

Take advantage of all the free weights and exercise machines in our 24-Hour Fitness Center or try an on-demand fitness class in our Virtual Fitness Studio!

Now, you’re all set for working from home like a total boss. Have any questions for us? Contact us at 501.221.3377.

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