9 Necessary Pool Rules You May Be Breaking

pool rules at The Pointe Brodie Creek in Little Rock

Are you excited for pool season? We are, too! But there are some pool rules we need to cover before you put on that swimsuit.

To some, these pool rules may be no-brainers. But others could get caught in some hot water if they aren’t as all-knowing.

You can be penalized if you break our pool rules, so let’s get you up-to-speed and off-to-swim safely!

#1: Wear Your Wrist Band

The Pointe Brodie Creek pool is like the VIP area at a concert: once you “get in,” you better wear your wrist band. Otherwise, we will assume you’re trying to crash the party.

This pool rule is in effect to protect your private right to enjoy your private pool. Unless a non-resident comes in as your guest, they will not be permitted at the pool area.

All residents 18 and older are allowed a maximum of two guests at the pool with their pool pass, and residents must always stay with their guests.

That’s leads us to our next pool rule…

#2: No Parties

As each resident can only have up to two people visiting them at one time, no parties, showers, or other gatherings are allowed at the pool.

That also means no kegs, decorations, games, cakes, etc. If you break this pool rule, we will issue you a $300 violation fee.

The only exception would be a management-sponsored event like Thirsty Thursday or Red, White & Brew (coming up in July!).

#4: No Glass, Period!

It’s not just The Pointe Brodie Creek’s pool rules that say, “No glass.” The Arkansas Department of Health strictly forbids glass near any pool in the state. It’s for your safety!

Want to know what happens if glass breaks anywhere near the pool?

We would have to drain the pool, remove all the glass, and refill the pool. Then, have the pool inspected and authorized to re-open by the Health department.

This process takes time, which could mean the pool would be closed for a few days, or weeks, if you ever bring glass to the pool. Be safe and don’t do it!

#4: No Food or Drinks in the Pool

No food or drinks, including alcoholic beverages, are allowed in or near the pool. If you want to enjoy food or beverages, feel free to do so outside of the pool.

Please refrain from leaving your food and beverages on the pool’s edge, as well. We don’t want anything spilling and compromising the chemical balance of the pool water!

#5: No Pets

While The Pointe Brodie Creek is a pet-friendly apartment community here in Little Rock, the pool is no place for your pets.

Please follow the pool rules and keep your furry friends at home and out of the water.

#6: No Smoking

The Pointe Brodie Creek is also a smoke-free community. As a community amenity, the pool area is off-limits for smoking or vaping of any kind.

#7: Dress Appropriately

Please respect your neighbors and dress appropriately while at the pool. That means no thongs, see-through swimsuits, etc.

Before you get in the pool, make sure you remove your street clothing. Only swimsuits are to be worn while in the water.

If you visit the clubhouse after enjoying the pool area, make sure you are wearing something to cover your swimsuit. Wrapping yourself in a towel is not enough.

We reserve the right to follow the mantra, “No shirt? No shoes? No service.”

#8: No Flotation Devices

Rafts, floats, noodles, balls, and other items capable of floating in the pool are not allowed. The use of these flotation devices can hinder your neighbors’ ability to enjoy the pool, and we will ask you to remove them if we see you using them.

#9: No Ruckus

Running, pushing, fighting, shouting, or horseplay is not allowed at our community pool. We also ask that you refrain from using profanity while at the pool area.

Let’s make the pool a tranquil, relaxing place to be!

Important Reminders

One thing you really need to remember is that repeat offenders will lose pool privileges.

We don’t enjoy doing it, but it’s important to respect the policies we have in place. Trust us, patrolling the pool and reminding you of the rules is not our favorite thing to do.

So, please: help us help you!

There are a few other pool rules not detailed here, so make sure you read over all the pool rules in your Resident Handbook under the section marked “Swimming Pool and Pool Bar.”

You can also find a copy of the handbook in The Pointe Brodie Creek app.

If you have any questions, just ask a member of our staff!

2 responses to “9 Necessary Pool Rules You May Be Breaking

  1. So when we’re at the pool there are no alcoholic beverage being served like Thursday Thursdays we have to BYOB when we’re at the pool

    1. Yes, that’s correct. We only serve beverages during events. So, if you would like to have a drink at the pool on other days, it is BYOB. Just make sure to keep your drinks away from the pool!

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