How Our Preferred Employer Special Works

luxury apartments with specials in Little Rock

Luxury apartments with specials are not a common occurrence in Little Rock. But, at The Pointe Brodie Creek, we always have one special running: our Preferred Employers Discount. So many great companies are invested in the success of Little Rock, so we want to invest in the success of their employees.

Across important industries like medicine, education, energy, and more, we allow employees on our Preferred Employers list to waive their application fee for an apartment here at The Pointe Brodie Creek.

How the Preferred Employer Special Works

When you apply online for an apartment here at The Pointe Brodie Creek, you will be required to pay a $50 application fee, $150 administrative fee, and $150 deposit. Whether that application is denied or approved, the average applicant will never get their application fee back. Essentially, it is a non-refundable charge to your bank account.

But, only for approved applicants employed by a Preferred Employer, the application fee is refundable.

Here’s how it works: Once you are approved, the application fee charged to your card will be reversed. Most people prefer to use the fee as a credit towards their rent, so that $50 helps pay for their first month living here. That’s $50 you don’t have to worry about!

Which Employers Qualify for This Special

Our list of Preferred Employers currently includes the following entities, organizations, and corporations:

If your employer is on this list, you qualify for our Preferred Employers Special. Just make sure that when you apply, you list your employer and your job title. Don’t lie: We will be asking for employment and income verification!

Why You Should Refer Your Colleagues

After you find the perfect apartment, have your application approved, and get all moved in, the specials do not stop there.

Do you have a colleague that’s also on the hunt for luxury apartments with specials? If so, we will pay you to keep the Preferred Employer Discount going.

The Pointe Brodie Creek also offers a referral bonus for any resident that refers a friend. Every time you refer someone that gets approved and moves in*, you can earn rent credit that takes money off your next month’s payment.

This apartment special then becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Once your colleague applies, they can take advantage of our Preferred Employer Special, too!

Want to learn more about our Preferred Employer Special or referral program? Contact us now to discuss current apartment specials with a leasing consultant.

*Please note that a referral form must be submitted prior to your friend applying for an apartment. They also need to state your name as their referral source on their application. It cannot be added after the applicant has toured our property and applied on their own. We cannot have record of them prior to your referral in order for it to qualify.

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    1. Hi, Sumitra! For applicants whose employers are on our Preferred Employers List, our $50 application fee will be credited back to you once you are approved and move in.

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