Saving Series: How You Save More Money in Our Apartment Community

saving money at apartments in little rock

In Part One of our series on savings, we examined how much you can save by living in our energy-efficient apartments in Little Rock. With our energy-efficient appliances, windows, and lighting, we thought out every detail to help make apartment living the best it can be. But the buck does not stop there!

Amenities are abundant at The Pointe Brodie Creek, making everyday life in our apartment community a resort-like experience. Everything you see here is included in your cost of living, which means you save more money the longer you stay. From the free coffee to the free fitness classes, our community is full of features you can use without taking a hit on your wallet.

Free Coffee

Did you know the average American drinks 3.1 cups of coffee a day? Whether you drink coffee at home or buy it at a coffee shop like Starbucks, that adds up!

To prove it, let’s do some math. Market studies find that the average Starbucks coffee drink costs $2.75 in the United States. If you buy three to five Starbucks coffees a week, for example, that costs you $429 to $715 a year.

That’s why we have a free Starbucks coffee and Tazo tea machine in our Cyber Café. You can have as much free coffee and tea as you like every day of the week from the time our clubhouse opens until 1:00 pm. The only day the machine is closed is on Sundays, so plan ahead.

Free Happy Hour

While coffee and tea may get you going in the morning, cocktails help you relax at the end of your day. That’s why so many restaurants in Little Rock offer happy hour!

Restaurants know you love a good deal, so they offer reduced-priced drinks to bring you into their establishment and spending money before the dinner rush. Plus, if you are enjoying yourself, you are much more likely to buy several drinks, not just one, and stick around to buy food once you get hungry.

Let’s say the average happy hour cocktail costs $7. Once a week, you go out to a local bar and get two drinks during happy hour. That’s $14 plus a 20% tip of $2.80, or $16.80 a week. That’s $873.60 a year on happy hour drinks alone!

But, not at The Pointe Brodie Creek. Every Thursday night, we have happy hour and give out two complimentary alcoholic beverages. Once a month, we also do special events with food, entertainment, and cocktail specials. All you need to bring is a photo ID proving you are of drinking age.

How many apartments in Little Rock do you know that offer this amazing amenity?

Free Gym & Fitness Classes

Personal fitness is important to many of our residents, as it should be! Working out and eating well is what keeps you living happy, healthy lives. But, have you ever calculated how much money you spend at the gym?

Heathline estimated the average monthly gym membership is $58, or $696 a year. Depending on which gym you frequent, that may or may not include classes, trainers, and other amenities. What’s more, your gym may not even be open all hours in case you want to do a late-night workout.

But, at The Pointe Brodie Creek, we have not one workout facility, but two, you can use for free!

First, we have a 24-hour fitness center featuring free weights, Precor exercise equipment, and a gaming and play room. Second, we have a virtual fitness studio open until 10:00 pm every night where you can take free, on-demand fitness classes from a virtual instructor. Zumba, Pilates, cycling, yoga…you name it, and our system likely offers it with all the equipment you need included.

Wouldn’t you like to save $700 every year just by living in our luxury apartments in Little Rock?

Free Tanning Beds

Do you love to stay tan year-round? That costs money. Spray tans, tanning beds, and self-tanning lotions are all expensive luxuries to keep up with 365 days a year.

Depending on which tanning method you choose, you can spend anywhere between $20 and $55 a month. That’s a range of $240 to $660 a year.

Thankfully, you can save all that money by taking advantage of our free tanning beds. We have two that are open for all residents to use anytime the clubhouse is open. Just ask a concierge to start a bed for you, and you can have unlimited 12-minute tanning sessions.

Free Movies

The cost of going to the movies has skyrocketed the last few years. In 2017, the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) reported the average movie ticket jumped to $8.97. That price is not just in bigger cities; it includes smaller metropolitan areas like Little Rock.

Plus, if you like to enjoy popcorn, candy, sodas, and other snacks at the concession stand, it will cost you on average $19.40 a trip. That high price tag is ridiculous when you compare it to the cost of buying those items at a grocery store on your own. For that same reason, surveys show a significant portion of movie-goers sneak in their own snacks!

But, if you live in an apartment at The Pointe Brodie Creek, you can have the movie and the snacks for free.

Our 82-seat movie theater is free for residents to reserve and watch any movie they like. While some prefer to bring in their own streaming device or DVD, others like to choose a title from our digital library of over 3,000 films. And, we make you complimentary popcorn to enjoy during your movie reservation. If you want to bring additional snacks or drinks with you, you are welcome.

The only downside would be if you suffer from film FOMO – we can only purchase titles once they are released from theaters, so protect yourself from spoilers if you decide to wait to see popular movies. The savings are worth it, though, don’t you think?

Other Free Amenities

Free coffee, happy hours, fitness classes, tanning, and movies are just a few of the quantifiable savings you can experience while living at The Pointe Brodie Creek. For business and pleasure, we have even more amenities to offer you if saving money is important to your bottom line.

Free Business Amenities

Do you own a small business? Do not get us started on how much office space costs, especially if you are the sole proprietor.

Why not live in our luxury apartments in Little Rock, work from home, and skip paying rent on an overpriced office lease? We have a business center you can work from, and a conference room you can reserve and use for free to hold meetings.

Free Leisure Amenities

Do you enjoy playing poker? Poker tables, chips, and cards are costly, making poker a high-priced hobby. Save your money and take advantage of our fantastic poker lounge!

Reserving our poker lounge is totally free, and comes complete with cards, a card shuffler, and chips. Have some friends over for a poker night and free up space in your home for other activities.

There’s much more to love about the savings here at The Pointe Brodie Creek. All you have to do is a little bit of math. Want help crunching some numbers on apartments in Little Rock? Contact our team for details on how you save the most while living life to the fullest.

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