New Year’s Resolutions: Share Your Goals!

new year's resolutions for 2019

Are you making New Year’s resolutions for 2019? So are we! The staff here at The Pointe Brodie Creek is aiming to get healthier, happier, and more organized. All great goals, don’t you think?

Watch the video below to see what each staff member said is their New Year’s resolution, and comment below with yours! Let’s help hold each other accountable next year!

Health and Fitness

The single most popular type of New Year’s resolutions to set are those involving health and fitness. In fact, according to Statista data from a YouGov poll, 37% of people said they wanted to eat healthier and another 37% wanted to exercise more often.

In the video above, our maintenance technicians Mark and Fred both said they wanted to focus on health and fitness. Fred wants to make healthier choices, like drinking more water, and Mark wants to get in better shape by working out.

Want to join Mark’s mission? If you need help reaching your health and fitness goals in 2019, check out our 24-hour fitness center and virtual fitness studio!

With a healthy mixture of cardio, weight training, and fitness classes, you could easily fulfill your New Year’s resolutions.

Skills and Hobbies

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit, bake, paint, or dance? Now is your chance! Learning new skills and picking up new hobbies are always good ideas for New Year’s resolutions.

Take it from Morgan: She wants to cook more often for herself, which is a very important skill.

If you’re looking for ideas, may we recommend learning how to play pool, poker, or golf? We have pool tables, a poker lounge, and putting green you can use to practice!


Not really into trying something new in 2019? Maybe you should get a jumpstart on “spring cleaning” and become more organized!

Our Community Director Kelli and Assistant Community Director Edie both expressed a need to get more organized. Clear out the chaos in your life and start 2019 fresh!

The start of a new year is a great time to trash junk you don’t need, donate items that could use a new home, and organize the things you need to keep in your life every day.

Positivity and Joy

You heard Bryn – you can’t censor positivity! Both Bryn and Anthony want to be more positive, happier people in 2019.

Don’t let any negativity of the past year carry over into the next. The new year is the perfect opportunity to start fresh with a new state of mind.


Without getting too specific, sometimes setting New Year’s resolutions for self-improvement are the way to go. Keisha and Justin both said they just wanted to be better people, for themselves and for those they love.

So, maybe it’s to just do “you!” Reflect on what’s happening in your life and what you’re ready to see change. Try a new hairstyle, look for a new job, or just focus on your self-care. Becoming a better version of yourself is a great goal for 2019.

Is finding a new place to live on your list of New Year’s resolutions? We think the best place to be in 2019 is an apartment community that supports your lifestyle and makes you feel right at home.

The Pointe Brodie Creek was voted Best Apartment Complex in Arkansas for a reason. Come meet our amazing staff in person by scheduling a tour today. We would love to show you how happy a new home here could make you in 2019.

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