8 Awesome Features That Will Blow Your Mind in Our New App

Learn how to use The Pointe Brodie Creek app.

Last week, after months of planning and preparation, we finally launched The Pointe Brodie Creek app! Trust us, it’s about to blow your mind.

There is so much to see and do inside, that we thought you might like a little overview of all the awesome new features. Here are the top eight, plus a couple more features we have in the works for you.

#1: Direct Messages

No more annoying emails or texts. Once you download The Pointe Brodie Creek app, everything you need to know will be sent to you via direct message straight from our staff.

When you have a new message, you will receive a push notification on your phone. From there, you can tap on it to open your inbox and respond to us just like you would on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

#2: Service Requests

Forget making a phone call, leaving a voicemail, or going through your resident portal to figure out how to submit a service request. Now, you can do it with the tap of a finger.

Want to know how? Tap on the “I want to…” button at the top of The Pointe Brodie Creek app and select Maintenance Request.

Take a photo of your issue, leave a comment, and submit your request. It’s that simple! If we have any questions, we will send you a message. When your request is complete, you will receive a push notification.

#3: Event Calendar

Want to know what’s going on in your apartment community? Check out the Events & Happenings tile on the home screen on our new app!

There, you can see what events we have coming up, including which food truck is going to be here week-to-week. Then, you can RSVP and receive event reminders leading up to the big day.

#4: Amenity Reservations

Next time you want to reserve the Movie Theater, Conference Room, Wine Cellar, Poker Lounge, or Banquet Room for an event or gathering, head to The Pointe Brodie Creek app.

Tap on the Amenity Reservations tile on the home screen on the app. Find the room you want to reserve and tap on the link provided.

Your resident portal will pull up, allowing you to log-in and make your reservation in seconds.

#5: Digital Marketplace

As if The Pointe Brodie Creek app couldn’t get any better, all residents now have exclusive coupons and discounts available in our Marketplace!

To open the Marketplace and see what kind of deals await you, tap on the shopping basket at the bottom of the app. There, you will see local and national deals of all shapes and sizes.

What’s more, we will continue to add more deals there as we secure more specials for you with our partners in Little Rock.

When you see a deal you want to use, just tap on it and the app will tell you how to redeem it online or in-store.

#6: Bulletin Board

Want to start a club, sell a piece of furniture, or ask for local recommendations from your neighbors? The Bulletin Board in The Pointe Brodie Creek app is perfect for that!

Tap on the push pin at the bottom of the app to open the Bulletin Board and see what people are talking about.

To get a conversation started, tap on the draft button on the top right of the screen. To reply to someone else’s post, tap the “Reply” button under their message.

#7: Apartment Tips

A big goal of ours in building The Pointe Brodie Creek was making life easier for you. That’s why we constantly post about maintenance tips, cleaning tips, and more to help you should something go wrong in your apartment.

Well, now, you can access all our tips and advice in one place! Tap the Apartment Maintenance tile on the home screen of the app and you will find all kinds of helpful information.

Some of them even link to YouTube videos (You should subscribe to our channel!) with detailed instructions on addressing certain issues.

We are going to keep adding to it, so let us know if we’re missing something you want to know!

#8: Authorized Entrant

Do you have a dog walker, cleaning service, or guest coming to visit your apartment? You can authorize them to enter your home when you’re not here by registering them on The Pointe Brodie Creek app.

To get started, tap on the “I want to…” button at the top of the home screen. Then, select Authorized Entrant.

Enter their name, the date you wish to permit them in your home, and any additional details on why they are coming. Once you accept the terms and hit “Submit,” our team will receive your message and keep it on file for you.

This form acts as your written permission for us to give someone a key to your home. Once they arrive, we will check them in on our end. Once they leave, they must return the key and be checked out.

Coming Soon: Pet Registrations

Do you know our pet policy? All pets must be registered with the front office upon your move in, or when you get a new pet.

To make the process a little easier, The Pointe Brodie Creek app will soon help you get it started!

From the “I want to…” screen, you will be able to tap on Pet Registration when you get a new pet. When you input their name, breed, weight, birth date, etc., we will receive a notification on our end.

Then, we can get started on helping you sign your pet addendum, pay the fees, etc. Simple as that.

Coming Soon: Package Notifications

We know you all love our Package Concierge® package lockers. 24 hours a day, deliveries come in and you can pick them up from the secured location in the Fitness Center.

Don’t worry! None of that will be going away. But soon, the app and the package lockers will be fully integrated.

So, when you get a package, you will receive a push notification and open it in the app. Then, you can keep a log of all your packages in one place along with everything else we have going on here!

Are you excited about The Pointe Brodie Creek app? Do you have any questions? Leave us a comment below, and we would be happy to hear your feedback.

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