Us vs. Them: The Pointe Brodie Creek vs. Other Apartments in Little Rock

Comparing Apartments in Little Rock - The Pointe Brodie Creek vs Other Options

How does The Pointe Brodie Creek compare to other apartments in Little Rock? Let’s just say we were voted Best Apartment in Arkansas for a reason.

From the luxe details in every apartment to our next-level amenities, apartment living at The Pointe Brodie Creek cannot be beaten.

Us vs. Them: Apartment Details

When you’re hunting for an apartment and comparing communities across Little Rock, you will start to notice that so many call themselves “luxury.” But, do you know what that really means?

To us, a “luxury apartment” could never be described as cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill, or average. Every little detail in our apartments is extra special, because you deserve to feel extra special every day when you come home.

You really cannot see luxe details like ours anywhere else!

Granite Countertops

Our condo-style kitchens and beautiful bathrooms feature real, granite quartz countertops. They are not synthetic or fabricated, and our architects picked them out by hand.

No ugly laminate counters here!

You can prepare your meals in style on a gorgeous countertop any day of the week.

Stainless-Steel Appliances

What says luxury living more than stainless-steel appliances? Our kitchens are outfitted with stainless-steel dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves.

To take it one step further, every apartment at The Pointe Brodie Creek also has a stainless-steel, side-by-side fridge and freezer with a water and ice dispenser.

At other “luxury” apartment communities, you will find a stacked fridge and freezer with no dispensers in sight.

Luxe Bathrooms

It’s standard for apartments in Little Rock to a have an average combined shower and tub in the bathroom. You put up a shower curtain to cover it, because no one wants to look at it!

But, not at The Pointe Brodie Creek.

Our showers are just showers, and they are enclosed by ceramic tile walls and glass doors. We even have two showerhead options: regular or rainfall. If you’re feeling extra special, you can shower with both at once!

All our floor plans even have at least one bathroom with a separate bathtub. It’s perfect for soaking in the suds and relaxing at the end of a long day.

Us vs. Them: Amenities

On top of our luxurious apartment details, our community features a roster of amazing amenities that will blow you away.

Do other apartments in Little Rock have an 82-seat movie theater you can use for free? We didn’t think so.

If you do the math, using amenities like these can even save you money somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,579 a year.

Concierge Services

Our clubhouse is the main hub for all kind of amenities and activities in the community.

Most apartments in Little Rock close their clubhouses around 6:00 pm, but ours stays open until 10:00 pm with a concierge on duty every night.

The concierge can pop up some popcorn to enjoy with your movie, start up a tanning bed for you, change the TV channel in any room, and more. Just ask them!

Coffee Bar

Setting a Keurig on a bar with some sugar packets does not mean you can boast of having a coffee bar. But, most apartments in Little Rock do just that.

Not very exciting, right?

Here in our Cyber Café, we have a legitimate coffee bar with a Starbucks coffee machine that also makes hot tea and cocoa. Choose your roast, select your size, hit start, and voila!

Then, there are all the extras: Sugar, sugar alternatives, chocolate syrup, honey, cinnamon…you can dress up your java to your liking.

24-Hour Fitness Center

We didn’t just put a few exercise machines in a room and call it a gym.

Here, you can get your sweat on in style.

Our state-of-the-art Fitness Center features a range Precor exercise equipment, free weights, exercise bars, and more. Plus, it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fitness Classes

If the 24-hour fitness center is your style, you can find all kinds of workouts available in our Virtual Fitness Studio.

Anytime the clubhouse is open, you can enter this room and select from hundreds of on-demand fitness classes. The projector screen will come down, the workout instruction will begin, and all you have to do is follow along.

What do other apartments in Little Rock do? Let’s just say they probably don’t offer any kind of fitness classes.

See what we mean when we say there is no comparison?

The Pointe Brodie Creek is the best of the best apartments in Little Rock. Apply now to find your perfect home or schedule a tour to come see us in person.

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