What Your Enneagram Type Says You Will Enjoy Most in our Community

Enneagram Types - The Pointe Brodie Creek

There are tons of quizzes on the Internet you can take to discover your enneagram type. If you haven’t already figured yours out, do it now! You will be given a number, one through nine, which is associated with a distinct personality type.

Based on that number, we can guess where you will enjoy spending the most time here in our resort-style, luxury apartment community. From a Resort-Style Pool to an 82-Seat Movie Theater, there is an incredible amenity here that will let your personality soar!

Type One: The Reformer

The first enneagram type is called “The Reformer” because Ones are always working towards making themselves and the world a better place. They have a strong sense of “right” and “wrong,” so they tend to be very self-disciplined and perfectionistic.

If you value your health and fitness, as a Type One, you are going to love our Virtual Fitness Studio. It’s going to help you achieve your goals by teaching you exactly how to do any kind of fitness class you’ve wanted to try.

Yoga, Pilates, Zumba…we have it all ready and waiting in the Virtual Fitness Studio with an on-demand instructor ready to whip you into shape!

Type Two: The Helper

The typical Type Two is a kind, genuine, and loving friend. You enjoy taking care of others, nurturing your relationships, and sharing your gifts with the world.

For that reason, we have a feeling you are going to love the fact that our clubhouse features a Banquet Room. You can invite up to 30 of your closest friends, enjoy their company, and share some quality time together.

If you love to cook and entertain, try hosting a dinner party in the Banquet Room and give your guests a taste of your skills!

Type Three: The Achiever

Do you characterize yourself as ambitious, determined, and successful? If so, you are a Type Three and have achieved quite a lot so far in life. Whether you’re the go-to person at work or own your own business, people look up to you and get excited just by being around your energy.

Next time you need to host an important meeting, brainstorming session, or other group activity, reserve our Conference Room!

It’s going to be a great tool in your belt as you build the life you’ve always dreamed of having.

Type Four: The Individualist

Creative and expressive, a Type Four will set themselves apart by doing things their own way. You enjoy art, music, theater…anything that allows you to escape into a new world full of drama, emotion, and passion.

Ready to get inspired? When you live here at The Pointe Brodie Creek, you can watch a film in our 82-seat Movie Theater any time you like.

With over 3,500 titles to choose from in our digital library, you can find a movie to watch to matter what kind of mood you’re in. Just make a reservation, snack on free popcorn, and enjoy!

Type Five: The Investigator

If a Type Five wasn’t called “The Investigator,” a close second for this enneagram type would have to be “The Inventor,” “The Innovator,” or “The Intellectual.” You’re a curious, studious, and insightful person that probably enjoys writing, researching, and discovering new things.

All this sounding exactly like you? Well, if we ever lose you, we know we can find you hanging out in our brand-new Study Lounge.

There, we have several sturdy desks, cozy lounge chairs, and two mini-conference rooms available for you. It’s the perfect place for a Type Five to stay focused, be productive, and accomplish anything.

Type Six: The Loyalist

Out of all nine numbers, Type Six is the most loyal and reliable enneagram type. You find people, organizations, and ideas you can believe in, get behind, and trust. In that way, you are a positive force of energy and encourage others to be their best selves and find their own truths.

Because you can form such strong and loving bonds with others, we’re predicting you probably have a pretty special relationship with animals, too.

If you’re bringing a furry pet to live with you to The Pointe Brodie Creek, you will love taking them to the Bark Park.

They can run, play, and make new friends with your neighbor’s dogs. Then, you can make friends with their owners, too!

Type Seven: The Enthusiast

An enthusiastic extrovert, Type Sevens love trying new things. If someone invites you on a spontaneous adventure, you’re all in. You seek out people and experiences that challenge you, excite you, and engage you.

Your enthusiasm is going to rub off on people around you when you get a chance to be your best self. That’s why we think you are going to have the time of your life every Thursday night during Happy Hour.

During the cold months, we have happy hour in our Sports Lounge with our shuffleboard set and pool tables. During warmer months, we hold happy hour at our Pool Bar with outdoor games like bucket pong and baggo. No matter the season, you will have a chance to play tons of games and show off your many talents.

Type Eight: The Challenger

Decisive, determined, and dominant, a Type Eight knows what they want and what they’re willing to do to get it. You have a ton of willpower, so you cannot be swayed once you’ve set your mind to something.

To encourage your strengths, physical and otherwise, we recommend you check out our 24-Hour Fitness Center. With your self-confidence and independence, you will have no trouble designing your own workout routine and sticking to it. Go enjoy our exercise machines and free weights to maintain your health and fitness!

Type Nine: The Peacemaker

The final enneagram type is called “The Peacemaker” because they seek to create harmonic balance in their lives. As a Type Nine, you feel most at ease when your mind, body, spirit, and the surrounding environment are all in alignment. When it comes to friendships, you accept people for who they are, which means you typically get along with almost everyone.

We have no doubt that you will find your center at our Resort-Style Swimming Pool. It’s quite literally the watering hole of our luxurious community, where everyone goes to relax and have fun. It’s a great meeting place, so you can easily invite over some friends or unwind with your neighbors.

Well, there you have it! What did you think? Did our recommendation match your enneagram type?

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