Choosing the Perfect Apartment: 4 Factors You Need to Consider

which apartment should I choose in Little Rock

So, you have decided The Pointe Brodie Creek is the best apartment community for you in Little Rock. Congratulations! We cannot wait to show you what luxury apartment living looks and feels like. But, we must tell you, the decision-making does not end there.

If you want to live at The Pointe Brodie Creek, you do not just apply and get placed in an apartment of our choosing. Because the entire application process is completed online, you choose from the beginning which apartment you want to live in and apply for it.

So, which apartment should you choose? Where do you even start? We can help you make that decision once you weigh four very important factors.

#1: Floor Plan

If you have toured our community or viewed pictures online, you have likely fallen in love with the granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, tray ceilings, soaking tubs, and other luxurious details we have in our apartments.

What is great about these special features is that you can find them in every single floor plan, no matter which one you choose. What is not-so-great about this fact is that it does not help you decide which apartment you want.

We have four floor plans at The Pointe Brodie Creek: the Richland, the Harmony, the Kingston, and the Bentley. If you want a one-bedroom apartment, go for the Richland floor plan. If you want a three-bedroom apartment, go for the Bentley floor plan. But, if you want a two-bedroom apartment, it’s time to choose between the Harmony and the Kingston.

Thankfully, we wrote a blog post breaking down each floor plan to help you weigh your apartment options. You can also check out our floor plans page for details on the square footage, layout, pricing, and more for each one.

#2: Apartment Level

The apartment buildings at The Pointe Brodie Creek were built with three stories. If we have availability for the floor plan you want on a first, second, and third floor, you next need to consider which level you prefer to decide on an apartment.

It is a difficult choice, as they all have pros and cons to weigh:

  • The first floor is the easiest to access, as you will not have to climb stairs to reach your apartment. But, you will also have people living above you. From time-to-time, you will hear your upstairs neighbors if they drop something on their floor.
  • The second floor is the least expensive of the three levels; but again, you will have people living above you and one flight of stairs to climb.
  • The third floor has higher, vaulted ceilings that stand out in comparison to first and second floor apartments. But, if you prefer not to climb two sets of stairs, it is not the best apartment choice for you. However, you will not have neighbors above you.

When it comes down to it, just ask yourself what is most important to you: convenience, price, or lifestyle?

#3: Apartment View

The next factor you need to consider when choosing an apartment is your view. The Pointe Brodie Creek is surrounded by a quiet, wooded area, with the south side facing a stream called Brodie Creek (hence, our name!). If your apartment does not face the outer perimeter of the property, it faces inward towards the parking lot.

Does having a particular view matter to you? If not, go ahead and apply for any apartment with the floor plan and level you like. But, if having a view does matter, you should look over our community map to find the apartment you are considering applying for.

For example, let’s say you are comparing Apartment #414 to #416. They are the same floor plan, same level, and same building. But, #414 faces a parking lot next to our outdoor green space where we have grill stations and a fire pit. #416 faces the woods behind the building.

Thankfully, you have that map to reference when you are deciding which apartment to choose!

#4: Community Location

Speaking of outdoor amenities like our green space, you can find many more amenities throughout our community among the various apartment buildings. We have a pool, playground, pet park, and more that you might like to live near.

For that reason, the fourth factor you need to consider which choosing an apartment is its location within the community.

Apartment buildings closer to the front of the community will be closer to the clubhouse, where you can find the fitness center, movie theater, sports lounge, and more. But, apartments closer to the back of the community will be closer to the bocce ball court and putting green.

Again, this is the time to reference our community map as you compare apartments. If you have a dog, for example, look for an open apartment near the pet park. If you enjoy grilling, look for an open apartment near the green space. Location is important if you value being closer to certain areas of the property.

What’s more, you should also talk to our leasing staff about other leasable amenities you may want nearby your apartment. If you want to lease a carport or garage, make sure there is one available near the apartment you apply for.

Ready to apply now? Check availability for the apartment you want right here on our website!

If you need help weighing your options, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice. We would love to assist you in choosing which apartment is perfect for your needs! Send us a message or call 501-221-3377 to ask your questions.

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